rose-archWe all want a life of love, support and companionship but sometimes we need help to achieve this.

Many couples come to me to resolve their relationship issues. These can range from irritations caused by ongoing arguing to a feeling that the relationship has become stale and boring. Often people feel that they are misunderstood by their partner.

In my experience couples that try to resolve their issues through therapy can experience an immediate sense of relief as they feel that something is finally being done. They recognise that each partner agreeing to therapy is an indication that both parties still care.

In couples therapy I ensure that both of you will get equal time, attention and understanding. We will work together to develop more effective communication skills to create a stronger and more secure relationship.

During couples therapy you will learn to look at each other’s thoughts and beliefs and understand how they affect your behaviours towards each other. This in turn helps to assess moods and physical reactions. Based on a better understanding of each other we develop strategies to create a secure and lasting bond between the two of you.

Couples therapy is not about learning how to argue better or making romantic gestures but about understanding the emotional underpinnings of your relationship. The way to enhance or save a relationship is to be open, attuned and responsive to each other and to reastablish emotional connection. You will gain insight into your relationship to help you create a secure and lasting bond.

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